May 28th, 2014


April Hennessy

Canton, Georgia – The Home Owners Network (HON) has partnered with the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) in April 2014 to provide expert home service and support to its valued members.  The philosophy behind HON? The home is an investment and a sanctuary that needs to be protected so that families can thrive. Now, home-owning AMAC members are able to do just that. They are eligible to purchase a HON membership through the association at a special AMAC member only price and encouraged to begin reaping the benefits.

The benefits are vast. First, AMAC HON members will receive home technical support online or via a (patent pending) app on their smartphone. The panel experts at HON provide fast, unbiased answers to any common or complex home-related questions, such as “How does this work?” or “How often do I need to paint the outside of my house?” or “What type of ground cover will best reduce insects close to my home?” and beyond.

Next, AMAC members that sign up with HON will also be able to access the handy “Find A Contractor” tool, enabling them to choose from a variety of pre-screened, qualified contractors in their area. Using the tool, they can receive quick quotes on needed services as well as a valuable discount on their first home project. 

Finally, AMAC members can take advantage of hundreds of discounts on required home care items and services. HON has negotiated great deals for AMAC members with top insurance, alarm, utility and cable companies, as well as furniture stores and other vendors.

Patrick Norton, Director of Business Development at HON, commented, “The Home Owners Network is extremely proud of our new partnership with the Association of Mature American Citizens. We are passionate about bringing real money savings deals to over a million 50+ AMAC members by leveraging the vast power our community offers. The team at HON is confident that AMAC constituents will truly enjoy having this extra support for their home.”


About the Home Owners Network (HON) — HONprovides live support from home professionals, and practical resources for what is likely the single largest investment most will ever have – their house and home. HON home inspectors provide effective answers to a wide range of questions through their patent pending smart phone application. The company has also partnered with a variety of worldwide organizations, including AMAC, to offer high value services and exclusive offers to members. Visit for additional information.

About the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) –AMAC’s main mission is to focus on protecting the interests of America’s seniors. With over 1 million members, AMAC offers an alternative perspective on how to best solve the problems seniors face today. The AMAC website features viewpoints and updates on breaking news involving or affecting seniors, they provide a quarterly publication to their members that is packed with news, editorials, and general interest articles. AMAC also provides updated information for seniors on subjects such as Social Security, taxes, and other senior government involvement issues. Visit for additional information.


Contact: Patrick Norton, Director of Business Development

(866)211-4662 x200

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