Take photos or video of your issues with your smartphone and a HON expert will quickly answer your questions. Learn how it works or get the Ask the Expertstm app using the links below.

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The Problem

  • My faucet is leaking.

  • Do I need an exterminator?

  • It just stopped working!

  • Is this a big repair?

  • What's causing that ceiling stain?

  • Who do I call to do the work?

The App

  • Grab your smartphone.

  • Open the "Ask the Expertstm" app.

  • Select a category.

  • Enter your question.

  • Attach your issue photos or video.

  • Check if you need a referral.

  • Submit your question.

The Answers

HON's Experts review your question. You get a response fast. Typically within 15-30 minutes. You receive an unbiased, detailed solution - how to fix it, or who to call if your repair is over your head.

The Confidence

Answers you need fast. Expert help to care for your home. HON Experts are available 24/7. Fast, reliable and unbiased help. Right from your mobile device. Rest assured, whatever the question.
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