Appliance Installation

Appliance Installation Using Flexible Cords
1. Install appliances according to manufacturer’s installation instructions.
2. Provide a dedicated branch circuit for a fl exible cord connected range hood.
3. Use the following table to determine the length of flexible cords that serve appliances listed for use with flexible cords.

Appliance Disconnecting Means
1. Provide a switch, circuit breaker, fuse, or other means to disconnect heating and air conditioning condensers, furnaces, and air handlers from all hot (ungrounded) wires. Locate the disconnecting means in a readily accessible place within sight of the appliance.
2. You may use a disconnecting means that is not within sight of heating appliances if the disconnecting means can be locked to prevent activation while the appliance is being serviced. This applies to furnaces and other heating appliances with and without motors.
3. Use a disconnecting means rated not less then (≥) 125% of the total load of the motors and heaters in the appliance. This applies to furnaces and other heating appliances with and without motors.
4. You may use the circuit breaker or fuse in the panelboard to disconnect small appliances that draw not more than (≤) 300 watt s or ¹⁄₈ horsepower.
5. You may use the plug to disconnect plug-and-cord connected appliances that are listed for plug and- cord connection.
6. You may use the appliance’s installed off switch to disconnect appliances and fi xed heating appliances if the switch does not allow the appliance to be activated by a thermostat.
7. Refer to the IRC for information about disconnecting means for motor-operated appliance sm rated more than (>) ⅛ horsepower.

Ceiling Fan Support
1. Support ceiling fans weighing not more than (≤) 70 pounds using boxes listed and labeled to support the fan’s weight. Install the box according to the box and fan manufacturer’s installation instructions. The fan’s weight is measured with or without accessories such as light kits.
2. Support ceiling fans that weigh more than (>) 70 pounds independently from the box.