Gas Shutoff Valves

Gas Shutoff Valve Access for Appliances
1. Install accessible gas shutoff valves for appliances. Ready access to gas shutoff valves is not required. Removing access panels or moving the appliance to access the valve is acceptable.
2. Do not locate gas shutoff valves in concealed locations. A concealed location requires damaging a building component (such as drywall) to gain access.
3. Protect gas shutoff valves from damage.

Gas Shutoff Valves Location for Appliances
1. Install a gas shutoff valve in the same room as the appliance it serves and not less than 6 feet from the appliance. Install this shutoff valve in addition to any valve inside the appliance. Install this shutoff valve before any union, connector, or quick disconnect device served by the valve.
2. You may install a gas shutoff valve more than six feet from a vented decorative gas appliance (such as a vented gas fireplace), a vented room heater, or a decorative gas appliance (such as gas logs) installed in a vented fireplace. Permanently label the valve as the appliance’s shutoff valve and make the valve readily accessible. The valve may serve only one appliance.
3. You may install a gas appliance shutoff valve at a gas distribution manifold. Locate the manifold not more than (≤) 50 feet from the appliance. Permanently label valve as the appliance’s shutoff valve and make the valve readily accessible. Gas distribution manifolds are commonly installed in CSST gas distribution systems.

Gas Shutoff Valves for Buildings
1. Install at least (≥) one gas shutoff valve outside each building served by a gas piping system. This valve is usually at the gas meter or at the gas supply tank.

Gas Shutoff Valves for MP Regulators
1. Install a gas shutoff valve immediately before every MP (medium pressure) regulator. These regulators are often placed before manifold gas distribution systems using CSST or copper tubing and may be placed before some gas appliances to reduce the gas pressure to the appliance. These regulators must be installed in the correct direction for gas to flow. Install these regulators according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Gas Shutoff Valves in Fireplaces
1. Install gas shutoff valves in fireplaces according to the valve manufacturer’s instructions. These valves are often used for gas logs installed in solid-fuel-burning fireplaces.