Sauna Heaters

Sauna Heater Installation Requirements
1. Install sauna heaters according to manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Protect sauna heaters and any hot parts, such as draft hood or combustion air inlet, from accidental contact. Use guards, such as wood, that do not easily transfer heat. Provide any required clearance between combustible guards and hot surfaces.
3. Provide combustion air to sauna heaters as required by the IRC and manufacturer’s instructions.
4. Provide a thermostat that will limit sauna room temperature to not more than (≤) 194º F.
5. Use a timer, if provided, that has a one hour limit. Locate the timer, if provided, outside the sauna. (G2440)
6. Install the heat sensor not more than (≤) 6 inches from the ceiling if the thermostat is not incorporated into the sauna heater.
7. Do not obtain combustion air from inside the sauna.
8. Do not locate a sauna draft hood inside the sauna.
9. Install a ventilation opening into the sauna at least (≥) 4 inches by 8 inches located near the top of the door into the sauna. (G2440)