Appliance Installation

Appliance Installation Using Flexible Cords
1. Install appliances according to manufacturer’s installation instructions.
2. Provide a dedicated branch circuit for a fl exible cord connected range hood.
3. Use the following table to determine the length of flexible cords that serve appliances listed for use with flexible cords. Read the full Topic

Kitchen Cooking Appliances

Range Clearance to Combustible Material
1. Provide at least (≥) 30 inches vertical clearance between built-in or freestanding ranges and unprotected combustible materials, including kitchen cabinets made from wood.
2. You may reduce the clearance if the range and the range hood or microwave oven are installed according to manufacturer’s instructions. Read the full Topic

Sauna Heaters

Sauna Heater Installation Requirements
1. Install sauna heaters according to manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Protect sauna heaters and any hot parts, such as draft hood or combustion air inlet, from accidental contact. Use guards, such as wood, that do not easily transfer heat. Provide any required clearance between combustible guards and hot surfaces. Read the full Topic