Adding or Removing Liquid and Solid-Fuel Appliances From Chimneys and Vents

Description of Potential Problems when Adding or Removing Fuel-Burning Appliances
Every fuel-burning appliance has diff erent characteristics that will aff ect the operation of a chimney or vent. Adding or removing appliances may cause a chimney or vent that once operated properly to operate improperly. Problems that may occur include backdrafting of exhaust gasses into the home and condensation of moisture that can quickly damage the chimney or vent. Backdrafting and damaged chimneys and vents are a signifi cant safety hazard. Read the full Topic

Chimneys and Vents for Liquid and Solid-Fuel Appliances

1. Apply the provisions in this chapter to chimneys and vents used by solid and liquid-fuel burning mechanical appliances. The most common modern appliances governed by this chapter are oil-burning appliances such as boilers and furnaces. Do not apply these requirements to fireplaces. Refer to Chapter 10 for information about fi replace chimneys. Do not apply these requirements to gas-burning appliances. Note that similar provisions for gas appliances begin at IRC Chapter 24. Read the full Topic

Connection of Vent Connectors to Chimneys for Liquid and Solid Fuel Appliances

Liquid and Solid-Fuel Vent Connector Material
1. Use at least (≥) 26 gage galvanized sheet metal for any single-wall vent connectors less than (<) 6 inches diameter.
2. Use at least (≥) 24 gage galvanized sheet metal for any single wall vent connectors at least (≥) 6 inches and not more than (≤) 10 inches diameter. Read the full Topic

Draft Hoods, Draft Regulators, and Dampers for Liquid and Solid Fuel Appliances

Draft Hood Location
1. Locate an appliance’s draft hood in the same room or space where the combustion air openings are located. Read the full Topic

Vents for Liquid and Solid Fuel Appliances

Appliances Governed by these Code Provisions
1. Apply these code provisions to vents (not chimneys) used by liquid and solid-fuel-burning appliances.
2. Do not apply these code provisions to direct vent appliances. Read the full Topic