Clothes Dryer Exhaust Systems

Installation Requirements
1. Construct, install, and terminate clothes dryer exhaust ducts according to the clothes dryer manufacturer’s installation instructions. If the clothes dryer manufacturer is not known during construction, use the IRC requirements. The clothes dryer manufacturer is rarely known during construction, so the manufacturer’s installation instruction exception rarely applies.
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Exhaust Fan Discharge Location

1. Discharge exhaust ducts, including from clothes dryers, kitchens, bathrooms, toilet rooms, and laundry rooms, directly outdoors. Discharging an exhaust duct into or toward an attic, soffit, or crawl space ventilation opening does not comply with this provision. The duct must discharge directly outdoors. Read the full Topic

Kitchen Range Hoods and Exhaust Systems

Installation Requirements
1. You need not install either a recirculating or an externally ducted kitchen exhaust hood; however, externally ducted kitchen exhaust hoods are recommended. Verify kitchen exhaust hood requirements with the local building official because interpretation of kitchen exhaust hood requirements can vary among jurisdictions. Read the full Topic

Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Systems

General System Requirements
1. You are not required, by this section, to install a whole-house mechanical ventilation system. Local jurisdictions may require ventilation from the outside that complies with ASHRAE Standard 62.2. Consult your local jurisdiction. Read the full Topic