Plumbing Fixtures General Installation Requirements

Plumbing Fixtures Specifications
1. Use approved plumbing fixtures and fittings made of approved materials that have been tested to comply with code approved standards. Most fixtures and fittings have the label of a testing company or some other seal that indicates code acceptance on the item or in its packaging.
2. Use fixtures and fittings that have smooth surfaces that are impervious to water fl ow. You may not use the ribbed, flexible traps and tail pieces sold in some home improvement stores.
3. Provide fixtures with a water supply that will keep them flushed and clean.
4. Do not allow water that has fl owed into a plumbing fixture to connect to the potable water supply or to flow back from the fixture into the potable water supply.

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Shower Size
1. Provide showers with a finished area of at least (≥) 900 square inches and a finished minimum dimension at least (≥) 30 inches. Maintain the minimum dimensions from the top of the threshold to at least (≥) 70 inches above the shower drain outlet. Measure the shower from the center line of the threshold (curb). You may install valves, shower heads, soap dishes, and grab bars that encroach into the minimum dimensions. You may install a fold-down seat in the shower if the minimum dimensions are maintained when the seat is up.
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