August 21st, 2017

Chill Out!

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Clean your A/C filters

If you have an A/C unit, make sure to change or clean those filters! Its recommended that you address your A/C filters every 4-6 weeks. As dust accumulates, some reports suggest that your units efficiency can drop by 1% every week during the summer months.

It can wait till later

Save your chores for night time. Most people forget about all the heat emitted by a washer, dryer, dishwasher, and other large appliances. Do your laundry and dishes at night to keep the house cooler.

Close your blinds

Keep those blinds closed during the day. Estimates suggest that up to 30% of unwanted heat enters your home through the windows during the day. By taking the time to close the blinds every morning before you leave for work, you can make for a much better experience coming home from a long day. Another consideration is getting light colored blinds instead of dark ones – they will reflect the light (and heat) away from the home.

Get Grillin’

Use your grill, its summer time! Nothing says summer like perfectly prepared BBQ!. That said, by choosing the grill over the stove, you will greatly reduce the stove heat in your kitchen and your family will be quite thankful when it’s time to eat.

Free the air

Keep internal doors open. This will allow air to flow through the house freely. Pair that with a few fans and the improved airflow will add to the summer comfort.

Keep the heat out and the cold in

Insulate your home and seal up air leaks. Now that you are concentrating on keeping the heat out, it’s time to think about keeping the cool air in. There are many cost effective or DIY ways to seal up air leaks throughout your home. While this may be a bit of an investment upfront, it can pay off quickly. Visit porch to have a professional handymen assist in this effort.

Plant some shade trees

Create some shade! By planting shade trees near your house, you can dramatically reduce heat in the house and add some beauty to your home. By creating some shade around your outdoor A/C unit, you can increase the unit’s efficiency significantly. It is important to remember that exterior A/C units need lots of surrounding air space to stay efficient. A general rule is to maintain at least 2’ between the A/C compressor and any nearby obstruction and at least 4’ between any compressor and another compressor. Maintain at least 4’ above the unit as well for air flow.

We know that there are many more ways to help beat the heat and we would love to hear about some of your favorite tips. Let us know!

Home Owners Network

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