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I am so impressed by your prompt response to my query and really appreciate it very much. I’ll go over the smart and sensible options you mentioned in your email.


Seattle, WA

Thank you Bruce. I feel better already.

Atlanta, GA

Very helpful. Thank you, Bruce.

Patterson, NJ

Thank you for such a quick response. The link you shared is super helpful.

Fairfax, VA

That is extremely helpful.

Melbourne, FL

Thank you very much for your prompt response, we appreciate it. There’s just a little water in the tub and there is no smell, so knowing that is normal helps a lot.

San Jose, CA

This is so helpful. It is the worst to be on the dark without a flashlight
…you gave me some light.

Dallas, TX

Thank you so much. You’ve given me so much to think about.

Naperville, IL

That worked. Thanks!

Charleston, SC

Thank you very much for kind assistance! I am very happy with your service. Your time and effort in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Mesa, AZ

Thank you very much for your prompt response. So glad to be subscribed to HON.


Denver, CO

Thanks so much for the quick response.


Honolulu, HI

Thanks for your quick and very clear response.

Reynaldo & Paula

Cape Coral, FL

Thank you. Very helpful and puts my mind at ease.


Asheville, NC

Thank you for such a quick response. Now being a home owner, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me a lot more.


Canton, GA

Wow, that was quick! Thanks so much, Bruce. That definitely helps to put my
mind at ease.


Bakersfield, CA

Thanks for a really quick response! Really appreciate your advice as always!


St. Paul, MN

Thank you so much for your quick response. I really appreciate it.


Mobile, AL

Wow, talk about quick service. Thank you.

Stephen & Haley

Centerville, OH

Thank you Bruce you were very helpful!


Chicago, IL

Thanks for your input. You have given me more insight than I had expected.


Woodstock, GA

Thank you Mike, we really appreciate the advice!


Plano, TX

Thank you for your quick reply! This really helps out a lot and I appreciate the answer.


San Diego, CA

Wow, thank you for the ice cube hint and the rapid response.

Randy & Stephanie

Baton Rouge, LA

Thanks for your response! It was really helpful.


Savannah, GA

Bruce, You are the MAN!


Hartford, CT

Bruce, Thank you for your reply – it was incredibly helpful. We’ll follow your advice to a T.


Huntington, NY