Membership questions

If I didn’t buy the first house how do I reset my membership?

You do not need to reset your membership.  You merely log into the HON site  and go to your profile page and change the address to the house that you are going to buy.  If you haven’t decided yet, use your current address and enjoy HON services and benefits now.

Can I unsubscribe from HON?

Of course you can unsubscribe from HON.  While we are surprised anyone would want to, we absolutely will not force anyone to use our free technical support service or receive our great newsletters.

Can I post on the forums for help with anything?

Yes, you may use our forums in any reasonable way for home related issues or questions.  Of course we have some guidelines as you might expect, but feel free to ask anything from roofing questions to the best temperature to keep your freezer on.  No advertising is allowed on the forums.

I was given a membership, but didn’t buy a house. Can I cancel the membership and get a refund on the unused portion?

Memberships, once initiated, are not refundable for cash value, be it pro-rated or otherwise.  You may cancel if you wish, though.

Will my personal information be given or sold to anyone?

Absolutely not.  If you choose to work with a vendor that has a relationship with HON, it will be up to you to give them what information you wish.

Will I get a ton of spam emails?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Your membership includes a home owner’s newsletter each month with great tips and articles we know you will find useful for your home ownership.  We do not give out your email address to anyone else and we only respond to your technical support or help questions when you ask us.  From time to time we will have fun contests, great information, etc that we believe will benefit you and you will enjoy.  We value our members and we will limit our contact.

Can I purchase a membership for anyone I want?

Yes, memberships are available on the website for friends, family and business purposes.  From time to time we may run specials!  What a great gift idea!

Can my daughter use my membership and ask questions about her house?

To receive the full benefit of HON your family member should purchase their own individual membership.

Is my HON membership transferable?

No, HON memberships are individual and not transferrable or for use by other persons.  See the complete terms of use here:  http://www.homeownersnetwork.com/terms-and-conditions/