April 28th, 2014

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Question: Recently purchased a home with a deck. At the time of purchase and home inspection the deck’s footings were covered by snow and ice; now that has melted enough that I was able to get a good look under the deck. The posts are just resting on concrete footings and are not secured by anything other than the weight of the deck itself (I think I got the picture to attach in the app). I assume this is not acceptable, but I am not sure what to do next? 

 Fence PostAnswer: You are correct, those post bases should be fastened to prevent movement. A simple impact with a lawnmower could dislodge them. I would check out the local hardware store for expansion or epoxy anchors. Some simple L clips and drilling into the concrete and using expansion or epoxy anchors should do the trick. The hardest part is drilling into the concrete so get a couple masonry bits. One more thing. You might be sure the posts are actually not fastened first. I recall years ago a deck installer I knew used to insert a piece of rebar in the center of the concrete pad and drill a hole in the middle of the post as a method to secure. Maybe gently kick the post and see if it moves. Obviously use caution as you don’t want to dislodge it.

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