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We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied. We have plenty of feedback from customers in the Client Testimonials section of our web site, but of course, we have complete control over what goes there. For more convincing evidence, please check out the public reviews that we have no control over on Google.

To see what makes us different from our competition, please read about our inspectors on the About Us page, or check out our Home Inspection Blog.

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What Clients Say

Greg – Thanks. Good work. Perhaps we can work together again. –John and Joline S.

Thanks for great service and quality thus far in our inspection process. –M&M Dolan

Thank you for getting this to us to so promptly! I appreciate how thorough you were and how well you answered all of our questions. You were extremely helpful. –Beth H.

Thanks Greg. We really appreciate your level of detail and communication. Thanks for getting this so fast. Have a good day. –Dan C.

Thank you, Greg! I appreciate your dedication to get this to me in a timely way. You were wonderful to work with. –Ani

Greg – I just read this over. It looks great – so detailed! –Lisa B.

Greg – Thank you for your thorough report! Remedying these items will keep us busy for awhile. –Rynda C.

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Gregory Schmit | Asheville Home Inspections

63 Luther Cove Road

Asheville, NC 28715

(828) 761-1107

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  • Buyer\'s Inspection
  • Warranty Inspection
  • Seller\'s Inspection