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Next Step Inspect is a company based on moral values, knowledge, image, and passion! Our drive for perfection to provide you with confidence and facts about your investment is our core mission.

Our home inspections can give warning signs to major defects, safety concerns, and potential threats. We can pinpoint defects with our state of the art equipment and offer suggestions dealing with any potential issues.

Whether you are entering into contract for purchase or lease of residential or commercial real estate, your Next Step is protecting your asset and educating yourself by scheduling an inspection with Next Step Inspect. Protect your American Dream! Call NOW to schedule an inspection!

My name is Kevin Farris. I am the owner-operator of Next Step Inspect, LLC.I have been involved in the construction and service industry for over 15 years. Performing home inspections provides me with the unique opportunity to be around two things that I truly enjoy, real estate and people! My wife and two children are the absolute loves of my life. They are the reason I am able to approach every job I take on with vigor and excitement. I'm not satisfied until I know that I have performed to the best of my ability. When I first got the idea to inspect homes, it came from thinking of my family. I began to think about them and their safety. A home is-and should be-the safest place in your life. The only problem is that homes develop defects. Defects in a home that go undetected can potentially turn your safe place into a hazardous one.Being a home inspector allows me to not only earn a living, but also provide a service that can directly affect individual's and families' futures in a positive way.

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Kevin Farris | Next Step Inspect, LLC

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Types of Inspections:

  • Essential Home Inspection
  • Thermal (Infrared) Imaging
  • Radon Testing