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What Clients Say

I just recently had a Home Inspection done by Tim Kelly from Buyers Choice and I have to say I was very positive surprised by the level of professionalism. Also I want to point out that he actually not just gave me a 45 page detailed report but he actually took the time to give me very simple tips how to improve my home which I found very helpful. I would definitely recommend Tim as your home inspector because you don’t want to take any chanced when it comes to a big purchase like a house

Professional Info

Tim Kelly | A Buyer's Choice Regina

3430 Keohan Cres

Regina, SK s4v 1j5

(306) 539-2209

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Types of Inspections:

  • residential
  • commercial
  • thermal inspections
  • WETT
  • radon
  • new build
  • for sale by owner
  • FSBO