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About Gary

I formed Big G Home Inspections because I was always interested in how things work around the home and I wanted to share my knowledge with others. Twenty seven years ago I ended up buying and fixing up an old farm house that needed serious work. Luckily my father was a structural engineer and friends were carpenters and electricians. Working with them allowed me to gain basic information about houses. We gutted the house, redid the floors, windows, added a driveway, walkway plus front steps, knocked down walls, re-arranged the kitchen, fixed sill and drainage problems around the basement, had a new well and septic system put in and had the house completely re-wired. That was for starters.

Most of this was hands-on work. I always was interested in how things worked and fixed my own plumbing, electrical, painting and other maintenance tasks. Since my first house 27 years ago, I have owned and worked on many other houses, sheds, walkways and garages. Recently, I attended the Champions School of Real Estate to formalize my training to become a professional Home Inspector. I passed the license exam on my first attempt which I attributed to my background of fixing things myself and with friends experienced in the trades.

Big G Home Inspections will allow me to see different houses, construction methods and repair methods from my perspective and from the Texas Real Estate Commission standards. I can in turn explain how and why things are supposed to be a certain way and why some may be deficient. I won’t rush and will find out answers if I don’t know them. My goal is to only do one or two inspections per day so I can spend the proper amount of time to do a thorough inspection.

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