June 6th, 2014


Home Owners Network

Canton, Georgia – The Home Owners Network (HON) was founded in 2012 and launched in March of 2013 by a group of Home Inspection Experts. Since its inception, it has quickly reached the milestone of 100,000 members. HON was built on the foundation that the home investment must be protected, allowing families to thrive for generations. As such, more and more members are joining HON each month at a current pace of 15,000 new members per month. HON is rapidly becoming a household name across the nation.

Both monthly and annual HON members enjoy many advantages, such as online home maintenance support or via a (patent pending) app on their smartphone. Members can ask a common or complex home related question and in just a few short hours, HON’s panel experts provide fast, unbiased answers from plumbing to electrical to pest control and beyond. This comes in handy when quick answers to pressing household issues are needed.

HON members also enjoy access to a handy “Find A Contractor” tool, enabling them to choose from a variety of pre-screened, qualified contractors in their area. They can also leverage HON’s relationship with Home Depot’s contractor service, Redbeacon, to get blind quotes and deep discounts on home services, all while receiving additional insurance and fraud protection.

Members across the U.S are taking advantage of hundreds of discounts on essential home care items and services through HON, which has negotiated great deals with top insurance, alarm, utility and cable companies, as well as furniture stores and other vendors. As an additional bonus, members also receive HON’s monthly newsletter filled with valuable tips and information.

Patrick Norton, Director of Business Development at HON, commented, “We’re proud that the Home Owners Network has reached 100,000 members in such a short period of time. Our goal is to provide continued value to each and every one of our members by offering expert advice on their homes, resources and information to keep everything inside and outside of their home updated, handy tools to reach out to local prescreened contractors; and constant savings and discounts on home based products and services. Because we offer so much for so little, our team is confident that we will continue to grow and help home owners safeguard their investment for years to come.”

About Home Owners Network: The Home Owners Network (HON) was founded in 2012 and offers 24/7 comprehensive solutions for the home owner through an annual subscription membership. Its mission is to improve the quality of home ownership through the development of tools and resources to save members’ time and money while keeping their homes safe and in great condition.

HON is to the home owner what AAA is to a car owner or AARP is to a person over 50. The Network provides the ultimate care and support for home owners with: a patent pending “Ask the Experts” smart phone app that provides answers to all home related questions; valuable member discounts from hundreds of established companies; local pre-screened contractors that perform discounted services; appliance safety recall monitoring; and timely home information via monthly newsletters. Members never feel confused or alone when making key decisions about their homes.

HON is also an excellent loyalty and marketing tool for Real Estate professionals, such as loan brokers, agents, home inspectors and insurance agents, who include HON as an incentive or gift at the culmination of services. The network is rapidly becoming a household name with growing membership of 100,000 affiliates who receive valuable all-in-one solutions to best care for their home investment. For additional information, please visit homeownersnetwork.com.


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