August 4th, 2014

HON Introduces New Contractor Service To All Active Members!

Home Owners Network

HON Has You Covered for Small and Large Home Projects

For quite some time, the Home Owners Network has offered its members access to qualified handymen through Redbeacon, which specializes in reasonably priced mid-sized contracting and minor home repairs. Since its inception, the Redbeacon service has been a huge hit with HON members, offering a quick, easy and convenient solution for smaller home projects.

With a few mouse clicks, HON members can use Redbeacon to get detailed information on a contractor in their area and read honest reviews from other home owners who have hired them. Plus, HON members who use Redbeacon receive $25 off their first project as well as $1,000 in project insurance. Once members have selected a handyman they receive project quotes within hours, if not minutes.redbeacon3

However, many HON members need contractors who specialize in larger projects for their home. The Home Owners Network recognizes this need and has since unveiled a brand new service called Contractor Connection. This program specializes in contractor services exclusively for more comprehensive home projects, such as new kitchens, bedroom remodels, dormers and more. After all, in order to preserve the optimal value for your home, all parts of it must be kept up to date.

How Does Contractor Connection Work?

Contractor Connection handles the burden of dealing with multiple contractors for you. HON members are matched with a trusted, top-quality professional that is licensed, insured and background checked from our network of expert contractors. This takes away the hassle of having to interview and comparison price several different contractors, saving you time and stress. It also removes the potential to get taken advantage of by an unsavory contractor.contractorconn3


Once your contractor is selected and gets to work, the Contractor Connection offers a unique quality assurance process through a revolutionary 5-point Project Tracking System. Through the system, Contractor Connection strictly monitors the contractors for fair estimates, work quality and timeliness. This enables Contractor Connection to measure if your standards and expectations were met by the contractor and that the job was completed within an appropriate amount of time.

Not only does Contractor Connection have you covered with the Project Tracker System, but all large home renovations are under first-rate warranty for three years, providing you with even more peace of mind.

All HON members need to do is enter their zip code and they will narrow down expert contractors in your area. Then select the trade you require from a list, such as plumbing, roofing, siding, general contractor and more. Enter your contact information and work description and submit a request. Then choose from a network of licensed and insured, professional contractors on your area. It’s that easy.

Remodeling doesn’t have to be painful. Enjoy the process with a skilled and reliable contractor for your large home project. Whether you choose to install a high-tech designer kitchen or a remodel your bathroom into a show stopping design you’ve seen in a magazine, HON’s Contractor Connection has you covered! Try it today

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