HON Emergency Hotline

Feel safe knowing if disaster strikes your home, HON is here to help!

Available 24/7

As a HON member, you are now protected with our exclusive emergency help hotline. In the event of an emergency, you can have specialized assistance securing your home, and protecting your family and belongings from a variety of home-related emergencies. Burst pipes, emergency storm damage, even sewer back-ups will be brought under control fast!

When To Use HON Emergency Hotline

  • Plumbing Emergencies

    sewer back up, hot water heater burst, water main break, pipe burst

  • Storm Damage

    wind damage to roof or structure, flooding, electrical damage

  • Structural Damage

    tree fell on house, collision

  • Mechanical Systems

    complete failure of heating, cooling, or electrical systems

Exclusive HON Member Benefits

FREE Phone Service To All HON Members

  • Hotline Is Available 24/7

    for any non life threatening situation that does NOT require the Fire Department or Police Department and that can be rectified by a tradesperson.

  • 15 Minute Call Back Time

    to triage your situation and determine the best solution.

  • Remediation Contractor

    can be onsite quickly after assessment with home owner approval. Quick response secures your home and prevents further damage from the emergency

Use this service for any NON-LIFE threatening situation that does not require the Fire Department or Police Department. This is NOT an emergency line for the Fire Department, Police Department or other similar agency that protects health and safety. Note: This service is not available in Canada.

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