June 14th, 2017

Keep your home pest-free all summer long

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Now that Summer is in full swing, we are very excited for all the wonderful gatherings, adventures, and summer projects to come. Hopefully some of you already put some of last month’s tips to use and had an awesome BBQ with your friends or loved ones.  Since we will likely be spending much more time outside this summer, here are some quick tips to help make sure that all your home’s pests stay away and don’t put a damper on any of your plans.


While this seems very simple, you’d be amazed how many people roll into this time of year with a freshly grown and unruly yard. When the yard is full of overgrowth and standing water, it becomes a perfect environment for bugs and snakes to breed, live, and enjoy themselves. Taking some time to de clutter the yard and remove standing water will have major results on keeping your yard free of bugs, especially those that are potentially dangerous, such as mosquitos. If you need help maintaining your yard, visit Homeownersnetwork.com/porch to get in touch with someone who can help!


When summer rolls around, we tend to forget about all our leftover firewood from winter and spring. If it isn’t already, be sure to keep your firewood a minimum of 5 feet away from any structures in your home and is stored up from the ground. This little act will greatly decrease the access that the termites and other bugs in the firewood have in your home. The farther away from the home you store the firewood, the better.


Nothing attracts bugs and pests like tasty leftovers – especially fruits and meats that have been left out in the summer sun. During the summer especially, it’s important to keep your meats inside and throw them out before the trash is ready to be collected, when possible. That way, your outside trash can won’t become a pest paradise.


Your first line of defense in keeping bugs from your home will be addressing all the areas that the bugs have access to your home. Take some time to make sure that there are no holes in your screens and that all our exterior doors are properly sealed. Checking the door seals will also help keep your house cool in the summer – an added bonus!


If possible, limit the amount of water that is being sprayed directly near the foundation or side of your home. Pests will generally follow moisture as they need water to survive. By limiting the amount of daily water being sprayed on your home, you will limit reasons for the pests to find their way into your home.

Overall, summertime is meant to be a time of fun and enjoyment. At HON, we always want to help you enjoy your greatest investment to its fullest. By taking some of these tips into consideration, we are sure that you will enjoy your summer a bit more than you might have without this info. ants_for_newsletter


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