February 6th, 2013

Moving Made Easy (well easier anyway)



Moving is one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life. Right up there with marriage, divorce and more. If you are organized, prepared and plan for a successful move you may have a better time than most. Here is a list we hope helps HON members with this important life struggle.


The following lists are broken up in time frames.
This first section should be dealt with 5 – 9 weeks before you start.


Picking your moving company:

First thing to do is make calls to a few qualified moving companies and have them come over to look through your home and work up an estimate. Most good companies will want to see what you have and create their plan for your move.

Some important things to consider before they arrive are:

Who is paying for the move? If it is your business then you will want to review their policies. Some larger companies have moving services they will and will not pay for, so be sure before it happens.

Show the moving company representative what you want moved. Make sure you talk about everything. Things you add later will certainly increase your costs and you don’t want any surprises.

Moving is difficult and deciding to do some of it yourself may seem like a good idea until the time comes you are faced with getting boxes, packing materials, a truck and strong backs to lift things. Most movers have great packing services, come fully equipped with everything needed to protect your favorite belongings and big strong men to make the move look effortless. The representative from each company can help you understand all of their services and how you can best take advantage of them.

Each mover has their company policies and will probably have a manual that you should ask for and read regarding your rights to make sure you understand what the mover’s liability will be with your move.

Make sure you have a full understanding of what each company provides before making your choice. Any questions you have should be asked of the mover’s representative before you sign any agreements.

Once you pick the moving company you like keep the representative’s number handy just in case things change in the coming weeks. Don’t pick any company just based upon price, make sure their can service all of your needs properly.

Here are some things to consider that might help lower your moving costs:

Get rid of some of those big unwanted items by holding a “garage sale” or sell them online through an auction service or want ad service like Craig’s list.

Donations of clothing, furniture or other household goods to charitable organizations can save moving money and net tax deductions. Be sure to get those receipts to verify the value of the items you just gave away.

Moving day is getting closer.



These are things to do three to five weeks before moving day.


Don’t forget to notify everyone of your impending move. Here are a few not to overlook:

Start with the Post office: You can find a Change of Address form on the United States Postal Service web site or visit the office. For at least the first year all your mail will get forwarded to your new address.

Others you may need to notify of your move are in this helpful list:

  • Newspaper/magazine subscriptions, business publications
  • Landscaper, pool service, service companies, pest control
  • Credit Cards, automobile loans, Banks, Finance Companies
  • Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Attorneys, Brokers, Insurance Agents
  • Electric, Gas, Water, Telephone, Oil or Propane Companies, Trash, Sewer
  • Cable or Satellite TV, Internet provider



A helpful tip to consider before moving:

Use all your canned and frozen food and other consumable items so you don’t have to move them to your new house. Buy only what you can use before the move happens and wait until after the move to take advantage of those big bulk purchases.

 Moving day is fast approaching in the next two to three weeks.


Important things to know about working with your moving company:

Since you have already picked your moving company they will have your new address and your contact phone numbers but if they don’t now is the time to make sure they do. If you have any changes in what you are moving like you gave away a bedroom set or sold that old freezer then now is the time to let your moving representative know so they can subtract those items from your contract. This could save you money. On the flip side this is also the time to let your mover know if you added any items.

Be sure to let the mover know if there are any extra stops you will need to make along the move to pick up or drop off any items. This is a very important consideration for them when packing everything from your house.

If you are having your car moved, you may be required to drive it to a loading spot and then pick it up from an unloading spot designated by your mover. Make sure you have made all the required arrangements to make this happen.


Help your family get ready for the move:

Make all your travel plans like reserving hotel rooms if needed, book airline tickets and car rentals.

Don’t forget that this is an emotional time for everyone so take care of everyone’s needs like visiting friends, holding a going away party or hosting a dinner to say farewell.

If you are driving to your new house make sure you get your car checked and serviced. Sure hate to have a breakdown in the middle of your move.


Some things have special moving requirements:

Ask your moving company for any special requirements for moving things like fireworks, acids, weed killer, rodent poisons, ammunition and other potentially hazardous items. Federal law requires that may have to you dispose of many of these things so please check first. Your moving company may also want you to drain fuel from your lawn mower and other machinery.


Your best bet is just to throw away any semi used cans of anything flammable or combustible or that may leak during transport.  Movers typically have a list that they will not allow on their vehicles they can provide you. Make sure you read it.


If moving major appliances you can contact an appliance service company and ask them to prepare those for transportation. This could save you money in the long run from avoiding any damages. Many moving company representatives will be able to set this up or the company may have someone to do it for you, just ask.


It is a good idea to keep your utilities going through your moving day as you may need electricity or water to finish cleaning up. Call the utility companies and tell them the date you want to disconnect everything.


If you decide to have rugs, carpets or draperies cleaned upon leaving your old home now would be a good time to set appointments. HON members can find great discounts on carpet care in the member benefits section of the site.


One thing to consider before moving anything of great value like antiques is to get an appraisal of value. Get the value in writing just in case.


There are numerous sources that say you should avoid waxing or oiling wooden furniture before transporting because some cleaning or shining products may cause the wood to become soft and might be damaged easier. It is also possible the furniture becomes slippery and harder to keep hold of. Whatever your reason hold off on the polishing till after the move especially if you have to keep your belongings in storage for any length of time as the extra moisture might cause mold.




Yikes, it is almost time to go! This list is for 5 to 12 days before moving day.

Care for your plants and pets. Ask your moving representative what rules may be in force in the state you are moving to regarding plants. It is hard for movers to guarantee plant or pet safety so most will not transport them. Check with your moving company representative for their specific rules.


It is always a good idea to have a health checkup on your pets but some states require it. Make an appointment with your veterinarian for vaccines and other requirements. Make sure your pets have name tags with your phone number and all requires vaccination tags.

If you are driving with your pets, crating them is a good idea until you arrive at your new home. Pets can become disoriented easily and get lost so take all precautions to avoid losing them. You might consider boarding your pets during the move at a good local kennel or with friends or family.

A few other things you may not have thought about are items that are out of your house. We mean go pick everything up that is yours right now. Dry cleaning, items being repaired or anything in lockers at the gym or golf club. Now is also a good time to take things back that you have that you may have borrowed.



We leave tomorrow!

Make sure every electrical appliance is unplugged so they are not hot when the movers pick them up. This includes stereos, computers and other video components. Tell the packers to be careful with anything that is fragile and might need extra cushioning when wrapping.

Now is the time to place things in different piles so they get packed together like clothes, toys, dog stuff, etc. You might be packing these smaller things yourself so today is the day to make sure everything is ready to go into containers. Make sure all cartons are marked so you know which rooms they go into when they arrive at your new home.

Your moving company may have a labeling kit to make this easier or you can find one in a local store. You should also mark items that are not being moved, are very fragile or that you might want brought into the house first, like cleaning supplies.


Don’t overlook anything:

Do that one last search throughout the entire house. Go back a second and third time to verify closets, kitchen and laundry cabinets and any other storage areas are completely empty. Work room by room making sure everything is cleared out.

If you are having someone service your large appliances, make sure you know that each one is ready for shipping. You need to make sure everything is ready and not simply rely on the service technician. If an appliance has not been made ready for shipping your moving company may mark it as not serviced. Find out what the specific rules are with every item being shipped. You can ask your moving representative for their companies moving handbooks.


The Big Day has finally arrived!

You and your mover make the most of the day working together:

It is always a good idea to be there during moving day. You and your mover can work together to ensure everything is loaded the way you want it and that nothing is left behind.

Once loading is complete take a final walk through the house. Your mover will have an inventory list they will want you to sign. Look it over carefully making sure everything is listed. Be sure to get your copy of the inventory list.

Each moving company will have other documents they need you to approve and sign like the Freight Bill or Bill of Lading which states the terms and conditions of the move. There should also be a document of the declared value of your shipment.

If you have very valuable items to ship the mover may also have other documents that state those items which you should sign.

To make this easier, ask your moving representative for their complete list of moving documents to review early in the day.

Now this might seem like a strange thing but make sure you check that the van driver has the correct address for the move. Give the driver your phone number just in case they need to get in touch with you.



Time to go, so take that last look around for these items:

Is your water turned off?

Are all the lights off?

Is your heater, air conditioner or furnace shut off?

Did you arrange for your utilities to be shut off?

Is the house locked up and all windows closed?

Did you leave anything behind? Go ahead and take that one last look around.


Your belongings are arriving at your new home!


Be prepared for the delivery:

When the moving vans arrive you should be there to take delivery and direct where everything goes. The move will go a lot easier this way. If you cannot be there make sure you have someone there who is authorized by you that the moving company is aware of. The moving company will probably need to paid at the end of the move so make sure you are ready for this as well.

Make sure you can be contacted on delivery day by phone as the van driver may call you. If you cannot be reached your moving company will have certain rules they go by. Find out from your moving representative what happens if you are not there or cannot be reached. This is an important day and your moving company wants it to go smoothly but needs you there.

As the movers unload your items you will want to check everything. If anything has happened to your items now is the time to note it. If anything is missing from the inventory make sure you note it. There should be no differences in condition or numbers of items being delivered on your movers inventory list. Once things are delivered your mover will ask you to sign the inventory sheet, by doing this you are saying everything is there and in good condition. You need to report any loss or damage to your moving company representative at this time before signing the list.

Direct the movers where you want everything. They can help you set up furniture that needs assembly. Some services may be extra like intalling your appliances. Check with your moving company representative for information on what is and is not included. Movers are not required to rearrange your furniture so have them set it once where you think it will go.

It is a good idea to have a floorplan prepared and available for the movers to view when they are bringing your items into the house.

The costs of your move are possibly a tax deduction so be sure to save all documents for your tax returns.


Home sweet Home!


Your mail should be arriving in your mail box. If not, check with your new post office.

If you moved to a new state you will want to begin the registration processes of cars, boats and other vehicles. You will also need a new driver’s license.

We hope you have benefitted from your Home Owners Network moving checklist. Take a moment to research the laws of your new state, county or city and be sure to cover yourself with good legal advice on everything pertaining to your life and goods.


Enjoy your new home!






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