April 26th, 2017

Tips for Your Backyard Get Together

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Whether you refer to it as a grill out, BBQ, or just a spring party, now is the time to start putting your yard to good use. Last month, we outlined some simple and effective ways to get your home in tip top shape and ready for some outdoor entertaining. This month, here are some fun tips for taking your backyard get-together to the next level!

  • Don’t be afraid to plan ahead!
    Let’s be honest, it’s tough to really mess up a BBQ. Some good food, good company, and good drinks are all you need, right? While those things are likely true, a little bit of planning can go a long way in taking your BBQ to the next level. Some things to consider are:

    • The Guest list
    • The Menu: If this is a Potluck, make sure you know who is coming and what they will be bringing in advance. Make sure to have a backup plan if one of your guests falls through – Life happens, but that shouldn’t be a reason to ruin your good time!
    • skewers

    • The Décor: Taking a few extra minutes to get some colorful, matching table settings will add some extra flavor that will keep your guests feeling festive.
  • Prep your food the night before
    Take some of the stress out of the big day by prepping your food the night before. Get the meat marinated and make your side dishes. Not only will this help make your day better, but your food will taste better as well, as all the flavors will have time to come together.
  • Provide some entertainment – especially for the kids
    Setting up some lawn games, a slip-n-slide on a hot day, or a little craft table is almost always worth the extra work. Nothing is better than fun for the whole family. With a little bit of preparation, your adult guests will leave refreshed and the kiddos will love having a craft to take home.
  • Pick a theme
    If you’re are already a party planning aficionado, this will be right up your ally. Be it a football party, summer luau, or cowboy BBQ, setting a theme will help guide all of your party planning – Menu, activities, signature drinks, music playlists, and maybe even the guest list.

At HON, we are so excited for the coming season and we hope you are too. With some of these tips and tricks, we look forward to hearing about all of your entertaining successes this summer. House still not quite ready for entertaining? That ok, we’ve got your back! Go to homeownersnetwork.com/porch to get any of the help you might need getting your home in tip- top shape.

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